Who and What the Heck is JetSeven?

We bought this domain in 2002 because we were tired of constantly changing our email address when we moved ISPs (that's the way it worked back then, kids). For awhile, we switched from realtime.net, sbglobal.net, earthlink.net, and back to sbcglobal.net, all within the span of a couple years. So we registered a domain so that we would never have to change our email again. We chose Jetseven because it is an anagram for our names: Jen & Steve.

We've been here ever since. We've changed email providers several times, but our address hasn't changed. Other than receive email, we don't do much online. We don't have anything to sell. We probably won't buy anything. And we definitely won't process anything bought or sold.

By the way, if you're looking for an email provider, I can recommend Fastmail. And no, that's not an affiliate link.